Trademarks Registration

We deal with trademark protection and registration in Italy, Europe and worldwide on a daily basis.

Every successful company registers its trademark. Designers, stylists, manufacturers, distributors do it as well. Large, medium and small companies do it to defend their “uniqueness”.  The trademark is the symbol that allows the public to identify companies, it is the vault of the company’s growth. According to a survey conducted by the Italian financial newspaper IlSole24Ore-Statista, Canella Camaiora Law Firm has been awarded as one of the best Italian law firms in the area of Intellectual Property (Trademarks, Patents, Copyright) for the fourth year in a row (2020-2021-2022-2023). 

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A newly registered trademark has no actual power, but as a result of registration and its use in the marketplace, it will become more appealing. Consequently, it must be protected from the very beginning of any business initiative. It is imperative to ensure that you are the first to use a particular sign to distinguish a specific category of products or services. Precisely to protect your distinctiveness, you have to register your trademark.

Besides trademark registration, the Canella Camaiora Law Firm deals on a daily basis with:

The circled “R” stands for trademark registration and implies that the product or service belongs to a specific company. It also clarifies that the right to use that particular trademark belongs exclusively to its sole (and legitimate) owner.

Innovators are aware of their creations’ value and make sure that they receive unquestionable recognition for their work, which is why it is vital to supervise one’s intellectual property portfolio and trademarks. Our purpose is to assist every entrepreneur in enhancing and protecting his or her ‘uniqueness’.


First Intellectual Property Appointment

The first appointment service allows you to receive individual and personalised advice from an experienced Intellectual Property lawyer.


Novelty search

The trademark novelty search service allows you to verify the requirements of the trademark you intend to file, thus limiting the risks of oppositions.


Trademark Registration

Exclusive rights to a trademark can only be achieved by registering it with the appropriate authorities.


Italian trademark opposition procedure

The service provides the opportunity to be defended in opposition proceedings before the UIBM (Italian Patent and Trademark Office).



This service allows you to defend yourself against opposition before the EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office).



The trademark protection service enables you to stop counterfeiting and obtain appropriate compensation for damages.



The service of defence against accusations of trademark counterfeiting allows you to respond to objections made to the use of your trademark.



The trademark monitoring service allows you to be promptly notified of applications for registration of a trademark similar to the one being monitored.



The trademark evaluation service allows you to determine the economic value of one or more trademarks belonging to your company.



The firm assists the entrepreneur - or the creative team - in choosing the most suitable name for use as a brand, in line with the company's vision, the target market and the features of the product/service to be distinguished.


Collective trademarks and certification trademarks

The law requires compliance with specific conditions and requirements: the Law Firm provides orientation, analysis, drafting of disciplinary regulations and trademark filing in observance of the Law.



The IP portfolio service allows users to receive a report of the intellectual property titles (such as trademarks, patents and designs) registered by the Client.


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