Employment Law

Redundancy, mobbing, disciplinary disputes: when one's financial security and income are at risk, it is essential to be advised by lawyers who are able to suggest effective strategies.

Work is a fundamental part of every individual’s identity; it defines our role and our future, as well as our present satisfaction.
When it is under threat, it is vital to be able to articulate clearly to the client all the possible options and the results that can be achieved.

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Our services

Letters of reprimand and disciplinary action

A written letter of reprimand is no laughing matter: it demands a comprehensive and informed reply, because it can lead to dismissal.

Appeal against dismissal/redundancy

Whether we are talking about a dismissal for disciplinary reasons or redundancies because of re-structuring, over time we have built up a solid expertise in this field.


While defining "mobbing" from a theoretical point of view is not particularly complicated, from a practical point of view how can the judge be supplied with the required burden of proof? An expert lawyer in this field can help you respond.

Recognising differences of income

We support our clients to establish a fair comparison between a worker’s earnings and his/her position and working hours.

Transforming undeclared work

Undeclared work is a widespread phenomenon, however, each case has its own specific features. The firm advises clients on the management of this thorny issue.

Proper contractual status

Category, qualifications and position is what gives a worker “status”. A worker's salary and other rights depend on it.

Recovering unpaid income

The firm currently handles debt recovery procedures in the field of Employment Law.


If the employer assigns the employee tasks inferior to those for which he/she was hired, it could be considered unfair demotion.

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