Intangible Assets Evaluation

The trademark evaluation service allows you to establish the financial value of one or more intangible assets.

As intellectual property experts, we deal on a daily basis with the valuation of trademarks, software, patents, know-how, etc. The evaluation of intangible assets is a specialised activity that, besides the need for the competence of an expert for their economic appraisal, also requires the advice of an intellectual property lawyer. 

The evaluation of the intangible asset enables both to obtain an economic valuation of it, and to enhance its legal protection and/or performance. In appraising the intangible asset, the lawyer must verify whether the asset possesses legal identity, whether it is protected and whether it is effectively controlled by its owner or by the person requesting the appraisal. 

The most requested intangible asset evaluations are:

Our activity is a “targeted due diligence” with regard to the origin of intangibles (rights and registrations), their ownership (litigation, infringements), and their significant contractual management (historical, current and prospective).

You can contact us by booking an initial consultation appointment (in our office, by phone or even by videoconference)During the appointment, we listen attentively to the clients and assess their protection needs. You can read more in our information sheet dedicated to the first appointment.

Our evaluation activity involves the collection ( with checklists) of significant information and documents, in order to:

  • establish the assets and/or investigation perimeter;
  • identify the type of intangible asset and its potential relation with other intangibles ( as to function, type of benefits and competitive advantages);
  • Verify its legal protection (rights and possible limitations);
  • examine the asset’s background and its future life;
  • review the related contractual arrangements (R&D, assignments, licences, confidentiality, etc.)
  • analyse disputes (past, present and potential);
  • analyse the current exploitation of the asset in relation to its potential exploitation.


trademark evaluation

The trademark evaluation service allows you to determine the economic value of one or more trademarks.


software evaluation

We assess the economic value of software, programmes, applications and technology platforms.


patent evaluation

A patent guarantees the exclusive right to exploit an innovative invention.


know-how evaluation

Know-how refers to the wealth of information, knowledge and skills that contribute to the functioning of a company.


design evaluation

Design is the external form of products, but also includes websites and graphic materials.


database evaluation

The databases evaluated are lists of organised information, in many cases associated with technological platforms.



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