Relationships and synergies are essential drivers for development. When it comes to commercial relationships, agreements must be drawn up clearly, competently and with mutual guarantee.

When drafting a contract, it is very important for both parties to express their mutual expectations in order to ensure these can be transferred to a shared and well-defined agreement.
For example, it is worth clarifying the terms of delivery and payment, the inclusion of specific, exclusive rights, and non-competition agreements. A good contract is a strategic tool: it serves to limit the risk of misunderstandings and breaches. It is a case of acknowledging the balance of power between the parties and the risks they are willing to take, as well as those they want to avoid.

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Production, manufacturing and distribution

When it comes to producing, manufacturing, or distributing products, you need to be very careful: experience is a prerequisite. Technology, food products, dangerous products ... The logic behind the drafting is based on the "type" of product and not only the general rules laid down by the Italian Civil Code.

General contract conditions and forms

Preparing a form for your customers or website users requires expertise across multiple sectors. One must be concise, competent and take into account the business purposes for which the document is designed.

Public tenders and services

When the contracting party sends its employees to the client’s site, for example, special care must be taken to ensure a worker’s rights are duly covered, as per the legislation in force.

Rental and transfer of companies

Rights and obligations must be articulated in compliance with general legislative norms. However, there is a lot the parties can do to describe their actual will in the contract and adequately safeguard themselves.

Joint Ventures

Together we’re stronger. To deliver a joint project, companies can also act together, using common resources. The important thing is to be clear.

Preliminary stock and company shares purchase agreements

A preliminary agreement should be succinct and concentrate on the essential conditions. And in order to be effective, it must then abide by the legal structures in place.

Corporate agreements

Corporate agreements exist to create allies. They serve to regulate common action within companies.

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