Relations and synergies between entrepreneurs are one of the crucial keys to development.

When it comes to business relations, it is necessary for agreements to be drawn up clearly, competently and as a mutual guarantee. In a contract it is of utmost relevance to state mutual expectations, so that these can be transferred into a comprehensive and precise document.

Examples include clarifying deadlines for delivery and payment, the presence of strict exclusivity and/or non-competition agreements. A proper contract is a strategic tool, limiting the risk of misunderstandings and disruptions. It implies acknowledging the balance of power between the parties and the risks that you are willing to take as well as those that you wish to avoid.

The most requested contracts by our clients are:

  • Confidentiality Agreement (nda);
  • License agreement of trademarks, patents, know-how, etc;
  • Contract of assignment of trademarks, patents, know how, etc;
  • Non-competition agreement;
  • Letter of indemnity/discharge of liability;
  • Letter of intent (memorandum of understanding).
  • Joint Ventures or Partnership Agreement;
  • Terms of sale for e-commerce site;
  • Pilotage contracts;
  • Franchise contracts;
  • Business transfer contract;
  • Contract of business lease;
  • Distribution contract;
  • Commercial affiliation contract;
  • Preliminary contract.


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When it comes to (producing, developing, or distributing) products you have to pay close attention as you need experience. Technological products, food products, dangerous products... The editorial logic also follows the "type" of product and not only the general rules laid down in the Italian Civil Code.


Drawing up a form for your customers or website users requires transversal expertise. You need to be brief and competent, also taking into account the business purposes for which the document is intended.


When the contractor sends its employees to the client's site, for example, special care must be taken to protect the worker as required by law.


Powers and duties are to be determined in accordance with the general legal rule. However, the parties can do a great deal to describe their actual will in the contract and to adequately secure themselves.


Unity is strength. In order to achieve a common goal, companies can also act together, combining resources. The key is to be clear.


A preliminary contract should be lean and focused on the essential conditions. To be effective, the form must also abide by the law.

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