Intellectual Property

Our Law Firm is best known for its unrivalled expertise in the field of "protection of ideas", namely Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property is the legal discipline concerning the products of the creative and inventive activity of humans (trademarks, patents, models, designs, images and photographs, creative and artistic works, software, databases, trade secrets, know-how…). According to a survey conducted by the Italian financial newspaper IlSole24Ore-Statista, the Canella Camaiora Law Firm has been awarded as one of the best Italian law firms in the area of Intellectual Property for the third year in a row (2020-2021-2022). We assist clients throughout Italy on a daily basis, thanks to our in-depth expertise.

You can contact us by booking an initial consultation meeting (by appointment in our office, by phone or even by videoconference).

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During the appointment, we listen attentively to the clients and assess their protection needs. You can read more in our information page dedicated to the first appointment.

We also offer support and assistance in Intellectual Property to many of our fellow lawyers (whether generalists or specialists in other areas). Our extensive experience in this sector gives us the ability to offer the best possible assistance, even in courtOur main areas of activity are:

  5. ART LAW

About our Clients. The distinctive expertise of our Law Firm leads us to work with a wide range of Clients throughout Italy:

It is worth remembering that beyond the legal regulations on competition and intellectual property, entrepreneurs are free. Intellectual property rights are essentially time-limited, exclusive exploitation rights. When claiming counterfeiting, plagiarism or infringement, one must be sure that the right being asserted is valid, effective and still in force. Conversely, in the event of being accused of having copied, “copying” may actually be considered our right if the patent title (or the copyright) is invalid or expired. In other words, it is always essential to rely on the professional support of an intellectual property expert.

Trademarks Registration

A trademark is a sign of identification for the products or services of a company and has the function of distinguishing them from the products of competing companies.


Authors' Rights and Copyright

Is the © of Copyright sufficient? Believing in yourself means, above all, having respect for your ideas and your work, beginning with an appropriate protection strategy.


Art Law

All artists interpret the reality around them. They try to deliver their very personal perspective through their work. We protect their creative spirit and we achieve this with the support and collaboration of specialised Art Lawyers.


Unfair Competition and Counterfeiting

Being copied is inevitable when you are gifted with talent. The key is to stand up for yourself. We are certainly the best ally in cases of plagiarism or counterfeiting and we have all the necessary experience to effectively act.


Inventions and Patents

An invention may be either a product or a process. A valid patent allows the exclusive use of one's invention and prevents third parties from using it without the owner's permission.


Design Law

Design is the appearance of everything around us. We work daily alongside designers to protect their projects.


Image and Photography

Image law is closely intertwined with photography law and other rights and duties of authors. We deal on a daily basis with unauthorised exploitation of images, photographs, media and the recovery of the corresponding rights.


Intangible Assets Evaluation

The evaluation of intangible assets provides both an economic and financial assessment of the intangible and the opportunity to improve its legal protection and/or its performance.


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