Image and Photography

A lawsuit can be filed to both stop the infringement and obtain financial compensation for the damages.

There can be a positive or negative reputational effect depending on the context in which the image is reproduced. We deal with unauthorised exploitation of images and photographs and the recovery of related rights on a daily basis. Our “Essential Course on Image Law” is one of the most attended online events on image and photography Right Law.

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As everyone knows, photographs are governed by Copyright Law,  which grants a number of rights to the author of the shot and/or to those involved in it. The Image Right Law, on the other hand, is that personal right (Article 10 of the Italian Civil Code) that prevents others from publishing and displaying our image without permission. Articles 96 and 97 of the Copyright Law also govern portraits, namely the artistic (e.g. illustration) or photographic reproduction of a person.

Images are fundamental elements of contemporary communication (social media and advertising, brands and logos, design, photography and journalism, etc.).

The Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly qualified and well-renowned for dealing with Image Law cases.



Canella Camaiora Law Firm provides specific protection strategies for the image and photographic Authors' Rights of its Clients.


We are highly experienced litigators and we take into consideration the costs and benefits of each procedure. We provide assistance in both extrajudicial and judicial actions in order to recover the rights to images and photographs.


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