As experienced litigators, we take into account the cost and opportunity of each procedure. We like to win and always aim to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Litigation invariably carries a cost for the assisted party, as well as being a nuisance. That is precisely the reason why we analyse with the client the problem to be tackled, also with regard to time, evidence and available resources. Above all, we take into account the likelihood of success before the Courts.

Our areas of assistance are:

If the conditions are met, we always recommend an initial negotiation approach with the opposing party, in order to explore the possibility of a swift and satisfactory agreement.

Should the other party fail to behave in a sufficiently honest and co-operative manner, we would be perfectly happy to bring all our skills as experienced litigators to the client’s attention, even on an emergency basis.

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A simple letter signed by a lawyer can often prove to be an appropriate and very effective tool for safeguarding one's rights.



Our team has specific experience in handling business and employment litigation, providing assistance and counseling to businesses and workers in court.



We assist clients in all steps toward recovering the debt. From the warning letter to the acquisition of the enforceable title, to forced expropriation through foreclosure or bankruptcy petitions.



Among the Firm's areas of excellence, family law is certainly one of the most trusted. Our experience as skilled litigators makes us exceptionally effective in assisting people who turn to us.



Our team of lawyers can provide comprehensive and highly qualified assistance in the area of succession.



The default of business partner and the need to terminate the agreement, usually lead to the onset of litigation. After briefing on the dispute, the Firm defends or assists the client toward the best strategic solution.


Business and corporate litigation

The Firm defends, including on an interlocutory and emergency basis, businesses and individuals in their legal proceedings among which are: contractual disputes, management liability, challenges to shareholders' and board resolutions, etc...


Real estate and condominium litigation

We provide our clients with effective judicial assistance in litigation arising in the real estate field, not only in eviction and property division proceedings, but also in neighborhood relationships and in the area of actions for damages in the event of defects and faults in the property.


The latest news

Twitter, politica e diffamazione: l'ord 13411/2023 della Corte di Cassazione
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Twitter, politics and defamation: the Italian Supreme Court’s ord. 13411/2023

Il silenzio assenso per le modifiche ai farmaci omeopatici: la sentenza del Consiglio di Stato n. 2434/2023
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Tacit consent for changes to homeopathic medicines: Italian Council of State ruling No. 2434/2023

direttive consumatori
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Consumer protection: the consequences for those who fail to comply with the “Omnibus Directive”

Nel franchising, le limitazioni commerciali non costituiscono di per sé un abuso risarcibile all’affiliato
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In franchising, business limitations do not constitute a compensable abuse to the franchisee

Il Caso Benetton: implicazioni pratiche sul contratto di franchising
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The Benetton case: operational implications on the franchise agreement

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