We are expert litigators, and consider both the cost and opportunities of every case. We like to win and always aim to get the best possible result for our clients.

Contentious litigation always involves a certain cost for the assisted party, as well as a nuisance. We work with together with you to analyse how to address the problem, taking into account the time, evidence and resources available. And above all, we consider the chances of success in court.

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Wherever possible, we always advise attempting to negotiate with the opposing party first, in order to establish whether a quick and satisfactory agreement can be reached.
On the other hand, when the other party fails to demonstrate a sufficiently honest and collaborative attitude, we are happy to put our skills as expert litigators at our clients’ disposal, even in urgent cases.

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Dedicated services

Letter of formal notice

Often, even a simple letter signed by a lawyer can prove to be a very effective and appropriate tool to protect your rights.

Legal action

Whether it is a matter of attacking another party or defending oneself, the firm assists its clients in both ordinary and special jurisdictions, including as a precautionary measure.

Mediation and assisted negotiation

We provide support to our clients every day, by helping them act in their best interests, even when they choose alternative routes to ordinary litigation, such as mediation or assisted negotiation.

Contentious litigation in the field of Intellectual Property

The firm is particularly skilled in litigation relating to competition and intellectual property. It also defends its clients before trademark and patent offices both in Italy and in the EU.

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