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We never settle for being good... We aim to be extraordinary, always.

Multi-potentiality is our watchword. The market challenges have no boundaries of specialisation, which is why we combine the skills of our professionals to get straight to the point.

From contracts to litigation, from intellectual property law to debt recovery, there are many areas of activity in which we can intervene effectively. To us, an innovative approach is all about being well prepared, up-to-date and quickly responsive. We enable clients to benefit from our expertise in accordance with the results they want to achieve: it is truly important to carefully listen to what our clients need from us. This is the only way to devise an appropriate and, most importantly, successful strategy.


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Intellectual Property

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Real property



We are best known for our legal expertise in the field of creativity and corporate communication.

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Services in Intellectual Property:

We are experienced litigators, taking into account the cost and opportunity of each procedure. We like to win and always aim to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

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Contracts, of course, but tailor-made. Every day we write the contracts our customers need, making sure they fit like a glove.

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Dismissal, mobbing, disciplinary complaints, we have built up a solid experience in employment law over time.

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Services in Employment law:

When the debtor refuses to pay, the only way to force him to pay is to turn to the experience and expertise of a lawyer.

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Many people have already turned to our Law Firm in order to quickly resolve difficult situations or family conflicts. Winning everyday battles, however big or small, requires experience and professionalism.

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Services in Family:

Among the clients who rely on our advisory services on a daily basis are many property managers. We also assist both private individuals and companies with the management of their real estate, and with the drafting and registration of rental agreements. We also offer our clients all the necessary expertise in the buying and selling phase. We deal with preventive technical investigations, emergency proceedings, challenging of assembly resolutions, improper execution of works.

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Every professional should be able to protect the company's work and know how to enhance its qualities. Every day, every entrepreneur (company, professional or VAT registered) knows that he or she will have to quickly overcome the obstacles that the market presents. In order to succeed in this task, it is essential to have at one's side a legal advisor who is qualified, perceptive and able to act in accordance with the peculiarities of each company.

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Services in Business:
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