Family law is certainly one of the Firm's areas of excellence.

Our extensive experience as successful litigators makes us particularly effective in assisting people who seek our legal assistance. Our most popular areas of legal support and services are:

You can contact us by booking an initial consultation appointment (in our office, by phone or even by videoconference). During the first, introductory meeting in the practice, we always listen very closely to the personal story of the prospective Client.

>> First appointment in family law <<

We gather all the information necessary to fully understand the case. We then provide the first practical indications in order to be of immediate support to those involved in the case and in need of legal assistance. Within a very short period of time, our team of specialist family lawyers analyses all the relevant documentation and a legal strategy is devised for the protection of your rights and the fulfilment of your aims.



Separation and divorce

We strongly assert the rights of the spouse we assist. We provide all the support necessary to rebuild a peaceful life.

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Wills and inheritance

Succession plannings, conflicts between heirs, drafting of wills.

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Applying for the appointment of a support administrator makes it possible to protect the interests of frail individuals such as the elderly, the people with disabilities, the seriously and terminally ill.

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Cohabitation contract

If you do not want to get married or formalise a civil partnership, you can still record in writing the "rights and duties" arising from your cohabitation relationship, by signing a specific contract.

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