Designation of a support administrator

This service assists relatives in appointing a support administrator, in compliance with the prescribed procedure.

The designation of a support administrator is one of the services in the practice area “Family Law“.

The service allows relatives to acquire authorisation to administer the fragile person’s assets in order to protect their interests. The judge nominates the administrator upon indication of the applicants. 

Usually, those whom the appointment is requested for are vulnerable individuals such as: the elderly, physically or mentally disabled, the seriously and terminally ill, gambling addicts, etc

The firm is also qualified to intervene in cases where the administrator’s actions are questioned or when an unauthorised person is taking care of the administration.


The service is requested mainly when an elderly or disabled person is no longer capable of deciding for him or herself. 

The persons who can initiate the procedure for obtaining the designation, besides the directly involved person (elderly or disabled person) are

  • the spouse or the person permanently cohabiting;
  • relatives up to the fourth degree of kinship
  • relatives up to the second degree of kinship
  • the guardian or curator.

A conflict between relatives (children of the elderly person or future heirs) often contributes to the need for legal designation. 

The Law Firm provides its clients with pre-application legal advice.


The support administrator is designated by decree of the tutelary judge. The judge gives the administrator the authority to manage the elderly/disabled person’s assets in order to meet their needs. 

The support administrator is preferably chosen from the same family circle as the assisted person.  In particular, he may be appointed

  • the spouse
  • a cohabitant;
  • a parent;
  • a child;
  • siblings;
  • a relative (up to the fourth degree).

Our service for the appointment of a support administrator includes:

  1. The collection of all information relevant to the submission of the application for designation;
  2. Pre-application advice;
  3. submission of the application and judicial assistance;
  4. Post-designation assistance and advice, if necessary.

The case can be dealt with on an urgent basis if required.


The application for the designation of a support administrator is one of the most requested activities in the Family Law Department of the Canella Camaiora Law Firm. The Law Firm is also highly qualified in civil litigation and disputes between private individuals.

Our experience in this specific practice area enables us to intervene effectively and successfully resolve any conflict situations, thus resulting in the rapid designation of a support administrator.


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