Cohabitation contracts

The cohabitation contract service offers unmarried partners the possibility of managing the financial and personal relationships associated with their life together.

Cohabitation contracts service is one of the services in the practice area “Family Law“.

Unmarried cohabitants will be assisted by a lawyer in drafting a cohabitation contract that exactly meets their needs.

As provided for by the so-called Italian Cirinnà Law (Law no. 76/2016), the cohabitees’ signatures on the contract must be authenticated by a lawyer. The latter will also send the contract to the couple’s municipality of residence.


The Cohabitation Contracts service is requested by all couples who are in a stable relationship but do not wish to marry or formalise a civil partnership.

In particular, the service is useful for all unmarried couples who want to:

  • regulate their financial status;
  • regulate their joint residence house use;
  • provide for donations from one partner to the other.

The list is for illustrative purposes only.


– Initial discussion in the office – or by telematic means – to gather information/documents useful for drafting the contract;

– Drafting of the contract according to the client’s needs;

– Sending the contract to the municipality of residence of the couple.


The Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly qualified in the field of Family Law.

The experience acquired both in and out of court allows us to make clear, accurate and realistic assessments, also to draft a contract that reflects the real needs of the couple.


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