Separation and Divorce

Children, the house, maintenance: managing a family crisis is a delicate process.

As lawyers with extensive experience in family separations, we are well aware of our crucial role in this kind of situation. You can contact us by booking an initial consultation appointment (in our office, by phone or even by videoconference).

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During the appointment, we listen attentively to the clients and assess their protection needs. You can read more in our information sheet dedicated to the first appointmentOur considerable experience in family law allows us to offer the best possible legal advice. We have equal expertise in litigation and in non-court methods of resolving a separation, including mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. We will spend time understanding your goals and priorities so that we can achieve the best outcome for you and your family. The following are some of our special services:

Being good advisors implies identifying which rights have been infringed, the extent of the crisis between the spouses and the real possibilities of achieving a satisfying agreement. Our main concern is to ensure that the assisted party can quickly recover from the distressing condition, which often threatens to disrupt the daily well-being of the spouses and even cause suffering to the children.




During the first appointment, our team of lawyers specialised in separations provide sympathetic advice and will guide and support you through the initial legal and practical steps.

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The civil partnership dissolution service allows the legal relationship between the partners to be terminated.

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An appeal for the modification of the separation conditions allows the separated spouse to amend the conditions established in the previous separation order.

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The cohabitation agreement allows unmarried partners to regulate the financial and personal relationships concerning their life together.

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