Separation and Divorce

Children, the family home, maintenance... managing a family crisis is a delicate process. The most important thing is to emerge from the situation which is causing people to suffer, which may undermine the spouses' well-being and adversely affect any children concerned.

Our lawyers are experts in separation cases, and are conscious of playing a crucial role in situations of this kind. In order to advise you most effectively, we have to identify which rights have been infringed, the depth of the problems in the relationship, and the realistic chances of reaching a satisfactory agreement.

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Our services

Assisting the spouse in a collaborative separation process

In the collaborative process, the spouses agree on the need to separate – and with the help of their respective legal advisors they are able to evaluate and manage all issues relating to maintenance allowances, the division of assets and above all, any children.

Assistance in judicial separation

Judicial separation is an ordinary civil case in all respects, made up of evidence, depositions, witnesses and documents. The Judge will pass a sentence containing the conditions for both the couple’s separation and indeed the children's custody.

Assistance in divorce cases

Only a divorce decree will lead to the marriage's irreversible dissolution, and the end of its civil implications.

Child custody

A child has the right to two parents and not just one. However, every situation is unique and particular, and must be handled with the utmost care.

Negotiating a maintenance allowance

The maintenance allowance functions as a form of welfare, and is an expression of the married couple's mutual solidarity. Calculating the allowance and obtaining it cannot be taken lightly.

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