Amendment of the conditions of separation (Art. 710 ICCP)

An appeal for the amendment of the conditions of separation allows the separated spouse to modify the conditions established in the previous separation order.

The amendment of the conditions of separation is one of the services in the practice area “separation and divorce“.


The amendment is requested by separated spouses whose economic or personal position has changed compared to that in place at the time of separation.

The service is therefore useful for requesting:

  • the reduction or revocation of the maintenance allowance due to the other spouse; 
  • the allocation and withdrawal of the allocation of the family home to the other spouse;
  • modification of the prevailing placement in the event of shared custody;
  • sole custody of the children.

This list is purely for illustrative purposes.


The appeal service for the modification of the separation conditions includes:

  • the collection of all the information useful for the presentation of the appeal;
  • drafting and filing the appeal with the competent court;
  • legal assistance;
  • the modification of the separation conditions is also made through the assisted negotiation procedure under Law no. 162/2014.

Upon request, the case may be handled on an urgent basis.


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