First appointment for separation

Our first appointment service for separation allows struggling spouses to have an initial legal advice.

The first appointment for separation is one of our special services in the practice area of Separation and Divorce.

During the appointment, the timing of the separation and the relevant financial aspects (allocation of the family home, child custody, possible maintenance allowance) are outlined. 

The first appointment service also allows you to receive advice on the choice between the available options, namely:

  • simplified separation (in the municipality before the civil registrar)
  • separation by mutual consent (before a judge or through assisted negotiation);
  • judicial separation (litigated in court).


The first appointment for separation service is requested

  • by the spouse who is going through a critical phase and needs initial legal guidance;
  • by a spouse who has already received a warning letter or a request for separation from the other spouse;
  • by other relatives (e.g. parents of one of the spouses) for any requests for legal advice and clarification regarding the situation of their child who is about to separate.

In addition, spouses who have already reached an agreement can also book the service jointly in order to receive assistance in finalising the agreement and handling the separation formalities.


The main topics addressed during the first appointment for separation are:

  • separation responsibility (e.g. for marital infidelity);
  • allocation of the family home;
  • maintenance allowance;
  • child custody and maintenance.

Our first appointment service for separation includes:

  1. An initial meeting – either by appointment in the office or by telematic means – aimed at gathering information and documents useful for analysing the case;
  2. An explanatory legal opinion in response to the client’s questions;
  3. The drafting of an action strategy designed to best protect the interests of the assisted party.


The Canella Camaiora Law Firm prides itself on its extensive experience in family law. In addition, the Law Firm is highly qualified in civil litigation and disputes between private individuals.

Our trial experience allows us to make clear, accurate and realistic assessments, also in terms of the actual opportunity and in regard to the benefits achievable from each legal action.


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