Privacy and GDPR

When it comes to data protection legislation, the scariest thing is the potential penalties. Despite the fact that they are imposed in proportion to the gravity of the offence and the annual turnover, they can amount to as much as EUR 20 million.

The General Data Protection Regulation is the EU legislation that must be referred to for the protection of privacy and personal data. In order to comply with the ”accountability” principle, data controllers must always be able to provide evidence that they are aware of how personal data are processed and stored. This means that it is not simply a matter of collecting customers’ signatures on a pre-printed form. In the event of an Authority inspection, businesses must be able to account for the way in which they process and store personal data. First and foremost, business operators must stop burying their heads in the sand, if they are to avoid sanctions. We aim to act in order to protect you from any potential risk. The talent and expertise of the professionals who work with us on privacy issues enables us to solve the “privacy problem” for you, by devising a strategy tailored to your needs and proportionate to your business size.




Contact us for a consultation with a data protection expert. Once the risks and possible sanctions have been identified, we will provide you with a quote for GDPR compliance that reflects your case and your actual needs.


The firm works with IT consultants specialised in Privacy matters and data protection. We are able to assess your company's current situation in order to prevent the risk of sanctions and to intervene only where necessary.


We analyse each client's operations on a case-by-case basis. We ensure that data protection (and data processing) are properly integrated with the company processes. We draft customised and regulatory compliant forms.


The Web is one of the places where the company is most exposed. We draw up all the forms useful for your specific sales and/or advertising activities.


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