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We deal with patent registration and protection on a daily basis in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

According to a survey conducted by the Italian financial newspaper IlSole24Ore-Statista, the Canella Camaiora Law Firm has been awarded as one of the best Italian law firms in the area of Intellectual Property (Trademarks, Patents, Copyright) for the third year in a row (2020-2021-2022). In addition, the Firm organises many educational free courses and events on the protection of ideas (trademarks, copyright, patents). To meet the professionals of the Canella Camaiora Law Firm in person, you can register for free at the events. Tickets are available here (courses and events).

With regard to patents, the Italian law establishes that any technical invention can be protected. The invention patent actually allows its owner to manufacture and commercialise his/her product on an exclusive basis (which is essential to prevent others from copying his product). Please note, however, that without filing, you are not entitled to patent protection. Furthermore, should you disclose your work, you may risk having your invention fall irreversibly into the public domain. 

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The first contact with our firm is always through an initial orientation meeting (by appointment in the office, by phone or even by videoconference). During the appointment we listen to the client and analyse what their individual protection needs are. To find out more, please visit our information page on first appointments.

Our most requested patent advice and assistance services are as follows:

  1. patentability verification and prior art searches before filing the patent application;
  2. drafting of the patent application and filing with the relevant offices, in Italy and abroad.

The Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly specialised in the administration and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights. The firm’s professionals are included in the lists of lawyers providing services that can be financed through the “VOUCHER 3I”, in implementation of Article 5 of Ministerial Decree 18.11.2019, published in the Official Gazette no. 283 of 3.12.2019. The “Voucher 3i – Invest in Innovation” is the incentive for innovative startups that funds the purchase of patent consultancy services.

The Firm is also renowned and particularly active in specialised litigation and patent protection proceedings. We invite you to visit the dedicated page.


A patent for invention is issued by the relevant Authorities for inventions that offer a new and original solution to a technical problem that has never been solved before. It can be valid for up to 20 years from the date the application is filed.

FILING: necessary to benefit from the protection provided by the law.
DURATION: up to 20 (twenty) years, subject to payment of annual maintenance fees.

A very famous example of invention is the one involving the only Italian Nobel Prize for Chemistry: back in 1954, the renowned scientist Giulio Natta synthesised isotactic polypropylene, the plastic that became one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century and whose impact on industrial production and everyday life has been (and continues to be) massive.

In addition, utility design patents are available…

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A utility design patent aims to protect objects that are a modification of already existing objects that gives those objects greater functionality or ease of use. It is issued to defend the shape of a product that has a precise technical function, or to protect a minor invention that provides machines, or some of their components, with significant efficiency or ease of application or use.

The utility design is found in Italy and in a few other countries; it can last up to 10 years, at the end of which (as is the case for a patent for invention in 20 years) it is not renewable.

FILING: necessary to benefit from the protection provided by law.
DURATION: 5 (five) years, extendable by a further 5 (five) years upon payment of the proper government licence tax.

A typical example would be a specific design of a broom handle, perhaps extendable and allowing people of any height to use it more comfortably.

On the other hand, the following cannot file for patent protection:
(a) breakthrough discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods;
(b) plans, principles and methods for intellectual activities, for play or for business, and computer programs per se;
(c) displays of information.


First Intellectual Property Appointment

The first contact with us always takes place through an initial orientation meeting (by appointment in the office, by telephone or even by videoconference).



The service of patentability verification and prior art search allows an extremely accurate assessment of the patentability of the idea.



The patent protection service makes it possible to stop unlawful acts of infringement and to obtain reasonable compensation for damages.



The service of drafting and filing of patent application enables the patenting procedure to be instituted before the relevant authority for examination.

FTO - Freedom To Operate

The "Freedom To Operate" FTO service allows to check in advance whether a given commercial activity infringes other people's patents.


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