FTO – Freedom To Operate

The FTO "Freedom To Operate" service allows you to verify in advance whether a particular commercial activity, such as the launch of a product, infringes the patents of others.

The FTO Freedom To Operate service is one of our special services in the practice area Inventions and Patents.

Our Freedom To Operate service prevents you from being accused of infringement and, consequently, having to withdraw a product from the market and/or facing the costs of legal proceedings as a result of interference between the new product and previous patents for invention.

The verification can also be applied to interference with other intellectual property rights such as trademarks, designs, etc. The FTO service also enables you to identify the owners of significant patents and to check the validity of these patents.


The FTO service is requested by Companies, Startups and Professionals who want to be assured of being at liberty to propose their products/services on the market (so-called “freedom to operate”), with no concern of having to suffer legal actions or pay damages to the owners of patents or other IP rights.

FTO verification is also requested in connection with participation in European calls for tenders (e.g. Horizon 2020 – SME Instruments). This is another reason why we lend our qualified expertise to lawyers or accountants for the benefit of their respective clients.


The FTO service provided by the Firm comprises:

  • The project, product, and service evaluation, with information/documentation gathering, also by booking an initial consultation appointment (in our office, by phone or even by videoconference);
  • Searches and investigations of relevant prior patents/designs;
  • The drafting of the Firm’s technical-legal report known as “Freedom To Operate”.

The list is for illustrative purposes only.


Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly qualified in the management and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights. 

The FTO Freedom To Operate service is one of the most requested and appreciated services of the Firm. As a matter of fact, the Firm joins its interdisciplinary approach to the collaboration of highly skilled and experienced patent attorneys.

Our experience allows us to make clear, accurate and realistic assessments, also concerning the opportunities and benefits that can be obtained from the patent.


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