First Intellectual Property Appointment

The first appointment service allows you to receive individual and personalised advice from an experienced Intellectual Property lawyer.

During the first appointment, you can be assisted in intellectual property cases (formats, designs, products, inventions, trademarks, confidential information, know-how, creativity and competition, etc.). The requests we deal with on a daily basis concern:

  • Preventive protection through confidentiality agreements, filings, registrations;
  • Novelty or interference advice (imitation, plagiarism or unfair competition);
  • Contracts, transfers, licences, intellectual property development;
  • Economic valuations of intangible assets;
  • Legal attack or defence strategies.

The first intellectual property appointment is one of our special services dedicated to Intellectual Property.


The first intellectual property appointment is requested by:

  • clients who want to protect the outcome of their authorial, creative or entrepreneurial efforts;
  • clients who believe to be victims of copying, plagiarism or unfair competition;
  • clients who have been alleged to have infringed an intellectual property right;
  • clients who need to manage (through agreements or valuations) their intellectual property assets.

More specifically, companies ask for assistance with business transactions and with the valuation, contribution, assignment, lease or licence (and subsequent filing with the relevant offices) of intangible assets.

The first appointment is also frequently requested by those who have to deal with tax planning and are in need of assistance with the Patent Box.


Intellectual property is the legal discipline which deals with the results of people’s creative and inventive activity (trademarks, patents, designs, creative and artistic works, software, databases, trade secrets, know-how, etc.). This area is normally addressed along with the discipline of unfair competition.

The first intellectual property appointment includes:

  1. an initial discussion, whether in the office or on-line, with the purpose of gathering information and documents useful for analysing the case and identifying the client’s needs;
  2. an oral legal advice, addressing the client’s questions;
  3. the establishment of a legal strategy aimed at the best preservation of the client’s interests.


Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly qualified in the management and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights.

The multi-disciplinary approach adopted by our experienced professionals guarantees high quality, prompt and affordable assistance.

The Firm is also renowned for its expertise in civil and commercial litigation. This extensive expertise enables the Firm to consistently produce clear, accurate and realistic forecasts.

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