Art law

Our utmost respect for everything that constitutes creative intelligence has encouraged Canella & Camaiora to develop their expertise in the field of art law, by working with specialist art lawyers.

A lawyer can only effectively carry out the task of protecting artistic work if he truly loves and knows the subject he is talking about – Art. Art Law is multidisciplinary: it ranges from contract to transport law. It deals with authorial profiles, authenticity and much more. Art lawyers are advisors who combine a good knowledge of the relevant legal discipline with the experience of current practices in the Art Market. With the help of trusted experts, the firm puts its experience at the service of artists and industry professionals such as collectors, galleries, art dealers and antique dealers, art exhibitions and museum exhibitions, foundations, associations and artist archives, transport and art logistics services, insurance companies and credit institutions.

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From buying to loaning, from the transport to the insurance contract, Art requires particular care and specialist advice.

Artist Archives

An artist archive is an indispensable tool to nurture the image of the artist and to present it correctly to the industry. The firm offers support packages for this type of specialist advice.

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