Art Law

The utmost respect for everything that represents creative intelligence has prompted the Canella Camaiora Law Firm to significantly deepen its expertise in the field of Art Law, also by collaborating with specialised Art Lawyers.

Every lawyer can effectively protect Art only if he or she truly loves and understands what he or she is talking about, namely the Art. Art law is a multidisciplinary field: it ranges from contract law to transport law. It deals with authorship profiles, authenticity and much more. Art lawyers are professionals who combine a good knowledge of the relevant legal discipline with experience of current practices in the Art Market. With the assistance of its own experts, our Firm places its experience at the service of Artists and Industry Professionals such as collectors, galleries, art dealers and antiquarians, art exhibitions and museums, foundations, associations and Artist’s Archives, transporters and art logistics operators, insurance companies and credit institutions.




From buying and selling to loaning, from transport contracts to insurance contracts, Art demands peculiar care and specialised assistance.


The Artist's Archive is a fundamental tool for the enhancement of the artist's image and for its proper presentation to the Art Industry. Our Firm offers assistance packages for this type of specialised activity.


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