Legal analysis of employment contracts

The legal analysis of the employment contract verifies the fairness of the employment relationship.

The legal analysis of employment contracts is one of our services in the practice area of Employment Law. We check that the contractual agreements match the actual situation. In the event of any discrepancy, the legal analysis highlights and quantifies the risks and benefits of legal action.


The service of legal analysis of the employment contract can be requested by both the employer and the employee. It concerns the analysis of the employment relationship with reference to:

  • correct classification;
  • salary differences;
  • overtime work;
  • demotion and mobbing;
  • working hours, leave, holidays, company bonuses;
  • risk of dismissal;
  • transfer;
  • etc.

The list is for illustrative purposes only.


Our employment contract analysis service includes:

  • An initial discussion – by means of an appointment in the office or by telematic means (Zoom video-call) – aimed at gathering information and documents useful for analysing the contract and the employment relationship;
  • An illustrative legal opinion in response to the client’s questions;
  • The elaboration of an action strategy designed to safeguard the interests of the assisted party.

Processing time: 3 working days.


The Canella Camaiora Law Firm prides itself on its extensive experience in the area of Employment Law. The Law Firm is also highly qualified in civil and employment litigation.

Our court experience allows us to make clear, accurate and realistic assessments, also in economic terms and in terms of actual opportunity.


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