Trademark Monitoring

The trademark monitoring service allows you to be immediately notified when someone files a trademark that is confusingly similar to the one being monitored. Our professionals will take immediate action!

“Trademark Monitoring” is one of the services in the practice area Trademarks Registration.

This service provides cost-effective protection. It is possible to oppose the filing of an interfering trademark by means of an administrative notice of opposition, which saves the high costs associated with an ordinary procedure.

Monitoring is carried out through a seamless, computerised service. The intercepted data is then examined by a lawyer who files the report.


The trademark monitoring service is useful for those who need to to block subsequent registration of a trademark identical or similar to their own.

The trademark monitoring service is requested by trademark owners who want to:

  • Monitor third party trademark filings;
  • Effectively protect their own exclusive rights to the sign;
  • oppose the registration of trademarks that interfere with their own;

The list is for illustrative purposes only.


The trademark monitoring service provided by our Firm includes:

  • the activation of monitoring in the target territory and on the trademark (figurative/verbal) to be monitored; 
  • the examination of the digital service notifications by the Firm’s professionals;
  • the communication of reported trademarks featuring interference profiles with the monitored trademark.

The service allows a double monitoring: a first automatic and digital monitoring (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and a second monitoring, directly managed by the Firm’s professionals, who visually inspect every single intercepted trademark, providing a quick and effective response.


Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly qualified in the management and protection of industrial property rights.

Our extensive experience allows us to assist our clients in an accurate and prudent manner – also with regard to the financial aspects and the actual opportunity of any opposition to a third party’s application for registration.


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