Defense against trademark infringement allegations

The service of defense against trademark infringement allegations allows you to reply to oppositions against the use of your trademark.

The service of defense against trademark infringement allegations is one of the services in the practice area of Trademarks Registration.

The service of defense against trademark infringement allegations provides you with the opportunity to deal with third party notices, by legitimising the reasons for using your trademark. It is common to receive a notice of opposition from competitors to the use of your own trademark. However, allegations of infringement are often unsubstantiated and intimidating.



The service of defense against trademark infringement allegations  is requested by:

  1. those who have received a notice of opposition/rejection to the use of their distinctive sign;
  2. who has been accused of infringing another person’s trade mark.

A quick and effective reply to allegations is important to reduce the risk of litigation.


The service of defense against accusations of trademark infringement provided by the Firm includes:

  • An initial meeting – by appointment in the office or by telematic means – aimed at gathering information and pertinent documentation on the raised allegations;
  • A legal opinion (oral or written) on the situation, provided by the Firm’s professionals;
  • The drafting of a legal reply in defence of the challenged trademark.

The Firm’s lawyers also assist Clients in any negotiations aimed at finding an extrajudicial agreement.


Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly qualified in the management and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights. Moreover, the firm is highly qualified in specialised litigation in the area of industrial law.

Our extensive experience allows us to assist our clients in an accurate and prudent manner – also with regard to the financial aspects and the actual opportunity of each proceeding.


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