Collective trademarks and certification trademarks

The law requires compliance with specific conditions and requirements: the Law Firm provides orientation, analysis, drafting of disciplinary regulations and trademark filing in observance of the Law

Groups of companies or manufacturers typically use the collective mark to indicate that their products or services comply with a shared regulation and/or originate from a specific geographic area. The certification mark assumes proprietary neutrality.

Registration of collective trademarks and certification marks is one of our services in the trademark registration area.


The collective trademark is applied for by trade associations (of manufacturers, producers, service providers or traders), consortia or local authorities that are interested in guaranteeing the origin, nature or quality of certain products or services in accordance with the Disciplinary Regulations.

On the other hand, the certification trademark can be applied for by anyone (natural or legal person, including corporations or public institutions), as long as they do not operate an activity involving the supply of products or services of the certified type, and whose purpose is to guarantee and certify a certain characteristic of the product.


The trademark registration service allows you to obtain protection for a period of 10 years. The protection is renewable in perpetuity, every 10 years.

Our collective trademark registration or certification service includes:

  • Legal orientation;
  • Full immersion and trademark classification;
  • Priority analysis and novelty search;
  • Drafting of disciplinary regulations;
  • Filing of the trademark and regulations.


The firm is highly skilled in the protection and management of industrial and intellectual property rights. The longstanding experience of the Canella Camaiora Law Firm’s professionals allows for swift, exact and practical solutions to clients’ needs.


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