Trademark registration

Successful companies – whether large, medium or small – register their trademark as do designers, stylists, manufacturers and distributors of every description. They do so to defend what makes them unique.

The trademark is the tool companies use to be recognised; it is the secure vault of business development. A newly registered trademark has no selling power, but thereafter, based on our behaviour, it can acquire power and recognition.

That is why it must be protected from the very start of every business initiative. You must make sure you are the first to use a given distinctive sign to draw attention to a specific type of product or service. It is precisely in order to defend your uniqueness that your must register your trademark.

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The circled “R” indicates that the trademark is registered and that the associated service or product belongs to a specific company; at the same time, it makes clear that the right to use that particular trademark belongs exclusively to its sole (and legitimate) owner.

An innovator consciously values and protects their creations, and takes care to ensure that the merit of his/her actions is unquestionably attributable to him/her; that it is why it is absolutely essential to keep an eye on your trademarks and intellectual property portfolio. Our task is to assist every entrepreneur to nurture and defend what makes them unique.

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Our services

Assistance in product naming

We provide assistance to entrepreneurs in the creation of their own identifying marks: first of which is their "name". Indeed, companies and products always need "names" that can distinguish them effectively.

Research on existing trademarks

Research into what is new allows us to prevent conflicts by avoiding interference with other trademarks and with the intellectual property rights of others.

Trademark registration

Every day, we register trademarks for our clients at the relevant offices. Trademark registration requires an in-depth knowledge not only of the Law but also of the practices applied by the competent national, international or EU body. It is therefore always advisable to contact a specialist for this type of procedure.

Bespoke protection strategies

Italian, European or international trademark? We are able to suggest tailor-made, sustainable protection strategies that can protect any entrepreneur's business.

Made in Italy

“Made in Italy”... even though the notion and nature of a product’s origin is not without ambiguity, it must be indicated correctly on commercial products. Legally, the notion of origin varies in relation to the purposes for which it must be indicated: is it for customs or commercial purposes? We provide specialist (and strategic) assistance on branding and labelling.

Portfolio and surveillance

We take care of our clients’ trademarks on their behalf through our portfolio services, offering monitoring and surveillance services.

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