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Inheritance and estate administration, will disputes, drafting your will. Many clients have turned to us for assistance in matters of inheritance.

Our team of professional advisors is able to provide complete assistance in inheritance matters. We consider both your legal and tax profiles, and are experts in both the protection of significant estates and indeed defending the beneficiary when there is a risk of major liabilities.

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Our services

Estate administration

The declaration of succession must be presented by the beneficiaries within 12 months from the date of passing. The firm provides personalised advice in this area and assistance with the submitting the declaration to the Italian tax authorities (the “Agenzia delle Entrate”).

Legal representation for the beneficiary

The firm can represent and assists the beneficiary in the material execution of his inheritance. A team composed of several lawyers supports the beneficiary to enable him/her to implement the best approach to safeguard his economic and moral interests.

Pre-mortem donation appeal

When a gift actually precedes the inheritance, it can damage an heir and the latter can react. We are experts in succession, claims and reduction procedures.

Drafting your Will

How do you draft a will? How do you apportion the shares? How do you set up a post-mortem foundation? The firm assists its clients in making valid use of their estate.

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