Verification of the heir’s rights

This service enables the heir to ascertain that his or her inheritance rights have not been infringed by the testator or by any pre-mortem donations.

The verification of the heir’s rights is one of the services in the practice area Wills and Inheritance.

The service also allows the heir – when debts or negative inheritance assets have arisen – to take appropriate action to safeguard his or her economic and moral interests.


The verification of heir’s rights service is requested by heirs who fear that their rights may be violated.

In particular, the most frequent cases are:

  • infringement of the legitimate share
  • conflicts between heirs;
  • advancements of inheritance 
  • passive inheritance;
  • pre-mortem donations.

This list is for illustrative purposes only.


The verification of the heir’s rights addresses the legitimacy of the testator’s and coheirs’ conduct in order to allow for an appropriate legal response.

Our verification of the heir’s rights service includes:

  • an initial consultation appointment (in our office, by phone or even by videoconference) to gather information and documents useful for analysing the situation
  • an informative legal opinion
  • the formulation of a detailed legal response strategy.

The Law Firm also provides assistance for the subsequent and possible negotiation or judicial phase agreed with the assisted party.


The Canella Camaiora Law Firm deals on a daily basis with assistance to individuals in matters of succession law. The Law Firm is also highly qualified in civil litigation.

Our extensive court experience allows us to assist the party in an accurate and prudent manner, maximising the results of the implemented legal strategy.


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