Declaration of Estate

The service provides you with assistance in filling in and submitting the Declaration of Estate to the Italian Revenue Agency.

The declaration of estate service is one of the special services in the practice area of Wills and Inheritance.

As part of the consultancy, the Law Firm answers questions relating to succession and the management of the estate. 

In the event of testamentary succession, we assist the heir or legatee in the further legal formalities related to the publication. The service also protects the heir or legatee against the risk of making mistakes in filling in the inheritance declaration. Such mistakes may result in the loss of tax benefits or in penalties.


The declaration of estate must be submitted within 12 months of departure. The Law Firm prepares the declaration at the request of:

  • heirs;
  • legatees;
  • executors of wills;
  • trustees of the estate.

The Law Firm’s qualified assistance is requested to facilitate relatives:

  • in the inventory of the estate;
  • in updating intestates;
  • in relations with banks;
  • in cases of conflict between heirs.

The list is purely for illustrative purposes.


The Law Firm handles the collection of the documentation required for the declaration. In the event of testamentary succession, it assists the heir or legatee in the further legal formalities related to the publication.

The inheritance is first identified in its entirety and, once the heirs have been located, the shares are calculated for the purposes of the declaration of inheritance.

The service comprises:

  • an initial consultation appointment (in our office, by phone or even by videoconference) to gather information and documents;
  • Legal advice on inheritance obligations;
  • Drafting and submission of the declaration of estate to the Italian Revenue Agency.

The service can also be provided on an emergency basis.


The Canella Camaiora Law Firm prides itself on its extensive experience in Italian Civil Law. The Law Firm is also highly qualified in matters of wills and inheritance.

To ensure the utmost clarity, the Law Firm provides a detailed estimate before starting work.

The consultation is always very straightforward and comprehensible to facilitate the assisted party in making aware choices.

The formalities relating to the fulfilment of succession obligations are carried out quickly and decisively in compliance with the Law and according to the indications received from the client.


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