Inheritance protection

The Inheritance Protection Service helps to protect the estate from fragmentation or dispersal.

The testator and/or heir can thus mitigate the risk of fragmentation or dissipation of assets through specific measures (e.g. by making a proper will or devising advancements of inheritance). 

The inheritance protection service is one of the services in the practice area “Wills and Inheritance“.



The service is requested by testators and/or heirs who wish to implement a legal strategy to safeguard the integrity of the estate.

The service of inheritance protection is useful in order to:

  • prevent the fragmentation of the hereditary estate among co-heirs;
  • allocate land or property to a specific heir;
  • divide the estate correctly without affecting the shares reserved for the necessary heirs.

The list is purely for illustrative purposes.


Our service for the protection of inheritance comprises:

  • an initial consultation appointment (in our office, by phone or even by videoconference) to gather information and documents relevant to the identification of the estate and the heirs;
  • an informative legal advice in response to the client’s questions;
  • the elaboration of an legal strategy aimed at protecting the interests of the assisted party.

Processing time: 5-7 working days.


The Canella Camaiora Law Firm deals on a daily basis with assistance to individuals in matters of succession law. The Firm is also highly qualified in civil litigation.


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