Assistance with drafting a will

The service of assistance in the drafting of a will facilitates the writing of a valid and fully effective will.

The service of assistance in the drafting of a will is one of the special services in the practice area of Wills and Inheritance.

The service allows the testator to focus on the testamentary provisions, leaving the professional to select the best drafting strategy and the type of will (holographic, secret or public) in order to limit the risk of disputes and challenges.



Our will drafting service is requested by those who want to ensure that they make valid and indisputable testamentary dispositions.

In particular, the service is helpful in the following cases:

  • assignment of specific movable or immovable property 
  • uneven distribution of shares;
  • exclusion of heirs and verification of legitimate shares;
  • appointment of executors of wills;
  • appointment of heirs other than relatives;
  • creation of trusts through a will.

It is also possible to introduce specific conditions in a will. Legacies can, for instance, be made subordinate to commitments that the heirs must comply with in order to maintain their rights.

With our assistance service, it is possible to appoint an executor. The executor is the person who, by choice of the testator, carries out the provisions of the will.

Service Features

After understanding the assisted party’s testamentary wishes, professionals suggest the best disposition strategy and the type of will.

Our service of assistance in drafting the will includes:

  • an initial consultation appointment (in our office, by phone or even by videoconference) to gather documents and information useful for the will;
  • legal drafting assistance
  • the formalisation of the will in accordance with legal regulations.

Upon specific request, the procedure can be carried out on an urgent basis.


The Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly qualified in succession law and civil litigation.

The experience in litigation allows the Law Firm’s lawyers to advise particularly thorough strategies, which avoid the risk of litigation and contestation of the will.


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