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Essential Course on Image Law

Published in: Intellectual Property
by Staff Canella Camaiora
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Essential Course on Image Law” is a major educational event presented by Canella Camaiora Law Firm. It is entirely dedicated to professionals, content creators and businesses who wish to learn how to protect and manage images effectively in the digital world. The course content is delivered in an accessible format and provides, in about two hours, a comprehensive overview of the discipline of image law applied in a variety of contexts.

An insider's course, loved by all

The “Essential Course on Image Law” is one of the most popular and attended educational events, specifically designed to meet the needs of practitioners in the creative and digital industries. This course not only provides a practical approach through the analysis of real cases – such as, for example, the legal challenges associated with the use of images in social media or privacy issues in photography – but is also accessible and comprehensible for those who are approaching the world of image and photography law for the first time.


  • Photography, digital art and legal protection ;
  • Allocation of rights (between principals and authors) in photography for commercial use;
  • Portraiture, disclaimer and unlawful exploitation;
  • Photographic plagiarism and damages;
  • Image creation using artificial intelligence;
  • Operational tips and practical indications of real cases.

During the course, topics such as the division of rights between principals and authors in photography for commercial use, portraiture, disclaimers and unlawful exploitation, photographic plagiarism and damages, and image creation using artificial intelligence are addressed.

The cornerstones of the course are lawyers Arlo Canella and Daniele Camaiora, both of whom are practising attorneys-at-law, active in both advisory and litigation areas, as well as founding partners of the Canella Camaiora Law Firm, which has been acknowledged for four consecutive years (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) as one of the best Italian law firms in intellectual property law by Statista-IlSole24Ore.

Participants of past editions particularly appreciated the teaching methodology adopted, which involves the analysis of practical examples and real-life situations. From copyright of photographs to privacy issues and the use of images on social media, the course offers a comprehensive overview of the main legal aspects related to the exploitation of images. In addition, the course content is regularly updated to take into account the latest developments in the field of image law.

The course has received great appreciation not only from individual professionals, but also from companies active in the creative and digital sector. Many companies have acknowledged the value of the course in providing essential knowledge on image law and have commissioned customisation of the content for training their employees. This makes the course a valuable resource not only for professionals wishing to protect their work, but also for companies wishing to properly manage the complex world of images in the digital age.

As a final point, testimonials from past participants highlight the course’s effectiveness in providing practical and useful tools for dealing with the day-to-day challenges of using pictures in the digital world.

Historical curiosities and special editions

Who does not love photography? The history of the “Essential Course on Image Law” is full of significant moments and special editions that have contributed to making this training event a must-attend event for professionals.

The first edition of the course, held live at the Impact Hub, saw the participation of fashion photographer Umberto Barone, attracting the attention of many industry professionals. Thus, the course’s format was from the outset dedicated to pragmatism and focused on the management of real-life events of those in the industry.

Another curiosity related to the course is that the 2016 to 2019 editions had as their cover a shot by Marco Marezza, a famous fashion photographer who has worked with prestigious brands such as Valentino and Gianfranco Ferrè, as well as internationally renowned fashion magazines.

Since 2018, the course has been run in collaboration with Proofy, a registration service for content creators. This collaboration has helped enrich the course content, providing participants with additional tools and knowledge to protect their creative work. As of 2018, the course is indeed presented by Valentina Panizza, co-founder of Proofy® the registration for those who create, a project awarded with the Seal of Excellence and with funding from the European Commission under “Open Disruptive Innovation” of phase 1 of the SME Instruments – H2020.

In 2021, due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, the course was transformed into an online event, but allowed hundreds of participants to access the information provided. The transformation into a webinar, however, resulted in the consecration of the course, with each edition being attended simultaneously by hundreds of participants.

Customisation and practical requirements

The “Essential Course on Image Law” was designed to provide comprehensive and accessible instruction on all aspects of image law. Nonetheless, aware of the diversity of needs of professionals and companies, the Canella Camaiora Law Firm has made it possible to customise the course content to meet participants’ specific needs.

This customisation allows for more detailed analysis of particular issues that are relevant to the participants’ business, ensuring more focused and practical education. This adaptation of the course has enabled companies to tailor versions of the course for the education of their employees, thus guaranteeing that the content is highly pertinent and useful for their daily work.

On top, the course comprises several practical examples and real-life cases, which help to better understand the complexities of image law and to put the knowledge gained into practice. This practical and customisable approach makes the “Essential Course on Image Law” an advanced educational option that can be adapted to the needs of any professional or company.

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