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How to protect an innovative idea®

Published in: Intellectual Property
by Martina Di Molfetta
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How to Defend an Innovative Idea® is the most successful course-event of the Canella Camaiora Law Firm. It is an event entirely dedicated to businesses and professionals, allowing them to learn how to effectively protect themselves in the market. The training content is presented in an informative manner, providing a general and very accessible overview of intellectual property law applied to businesses in just over two hours. The next edition of the event will be held on 14 November 2024.

One and a half hours to learn the basics of intellectual property

Since the first edition in 2015, the official voice of How to Defend an Innovative Idea® has been Arlo Canella, a Supreme Court lawyer active in the field of intellectual property and managing director of the law firm Canella Camaiora. Thanks to his passion for innovation and creativity, Arlo Canella has helped make the course increasingly engaging and appreciated.

The topics:

  • How to protect an idea
  • Innovative models and invention patents
  • Rapid prototyping and legal risks
  • How to protect software and know-how
  • Commercial format and contracts

Rich in iconic examples, the course manages to inspire the audience by showing how the complexity of intellectual property lies precisely in the myriad facets of human creativity. From Ray-Ban sunglasses to Candy Crush candies, up to artificial intelligence, the event offers a truly comprehensive overview of legal institutes such as trademarks, patents, design, software, copyright, and know-how.

The law firm Canella Camaiora has been recognized as one of the best Italian firms in intellectual property for five consecutive years (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024), according to a survey by Statista-IlSole24Ore. This further confirms the firm’s competence and excellence in the specific field of interest of the course.

The favourite course of creative and innovative companies

In the course “How to Defend an Innovative Idea®“, various essential topics are covered to protect and enhance innovative ideas. These include the protection of ideas, teamwork, innovative models, design registration, software protection, secrets and know-how, the value and protection of trademarks, and the safeguarding of commercial formats. Learning this information is crucial to preserving the value of one’s creations.

How to Defend an Innovative Idea®” has received great appreciation from companies active in the field of creativity and innovation. These companies have recognised the value of the course in providing essential knowledge on intellectual property protection and have commissioned the customisation of the content for the training of their employees and students. For this reason, the course has become a resource for companies that wish to protect their ideas, innovations, or even strengthen the culture of intellectual property within the company.

The course-event “How to Defend an Innovative Idea®” has become a regular appointment with the Canella Camaiora law firm. The course can be attended for free at least once a year in the live Webinar version, allowing an increasingly large audience to participate and benefit from the information provided.

Italian tour, awards, and other historical curiosities.

How to Defend an Innovative Idea® is an exclusive format of the Canella Camaiora law firm. It has been replicated more than twenty times and has now surpassed its seventh edition. The pilot event of How to Defend an Innovative Idea® was first proposed in 2015 at the Milan headquarters of Impact Hub, an international network dedicated to the world of sustainable innovation.

Starting from 2016, the event has been hosted in person at the main hubs of new entrepreneurship (among many, Talent Garden, TIM Space, Coaster, Sella Lab), taking the form of a national touring event with stops in the cities of Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Florence, Ancona, Bari, Trento, Salerno, and Brescia. The tour has received such public acclaim that it resulted in sold-out stops (e.g., in Trento on 26 January 2017 – Impact Hub, Turin on 9 May 2019 – Talent Garden, and Salerno on 21 February 2019 – SellaLab).

The roadshow was carried out in collaboration with Valentina Panizza of Proofy, founder of the multi-award-winning innovative startup for the protection of human intellectual creations, winner of #ELIScamp 2013, CreatiFi Call1, Bando Ricerca Innovazione 2015, and the Seal of Excellence of the European Commission.

During the Startup Europe Week (SEW) in 2018, Lawyer Arlo Canella was a guest at the event held at the Promoteca Hall in the Capitoline Hill in Rome with a special version of the event.

All editions of the "How to Defend an Innovative Idea®" Course

The next edition of the course "How to Defend an Innovative Idea®"

La prossima edizione di “Come difendere un’idea innovativa®” si terrà il 14 novembre 2024. Per ulteriori dettagli sul programma e per registrarti, visita la pagina Come difendere un’idea innovativa® [Webinar Live!]. Questo Webinar ti permetterà di apprendere le strategie vincenti per proteggere e valorizzare le tue idee innovative.

The next edition of “How to Defend an Innovative Idea®” will be held on 14 November 2024. For more details about the programme and to register, visit the page How to Defend an Innovative Idea® [Live Webinar!]. This webinar will allow you to learn winning strategies to protect and enhance your innovative ideas.

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