The legal protection of the idea of a new board game

The board game protection service provides an effective protection strategy for the designed game.

The board game protection service is one of our services in the area: Design Law.

Obtaining a valid exclusive right on the exploitation of a board game idea requires the development of an advanced legal protection strategy.

It comprises the careful technical-legal analysis of the peculiarities of the game format in terms of patent, creativity and distinctiveness.


The board game protection service is requested by authors, designers, entrepreneurs and publishing houses that wish to obtain an exclusive exploitation right for the game.

Normally, the service is requested:

  • to prove the authorship of the game and in view of patent registration;
  • to prevent theft or imitation of the designed game;
  • before presenting the game to the public or potential commercial partners (manufacturers, distributors, publishing houses);
  • for transfer or licensing contracts with royalties;
  • with a view to presentation in contests and prize competitions.

This list is for illustrative purposes only.


The service provides an exclusive exploitation right based on a plurality of exclusive rights, consistent with the characteristics of the game. It includes: 

  • the protection of the inventive aspects (patents and models);
  • the protection of the creative aspects (copyright);
  • the protection of the name (trademark);
  • the registration of the design (game board, pawns, playing cards, dice).

The Law Firm’s board game protection service includes:

  1. The evaluation of the designed game (also by means of an initial meeting in the studio or by telematic means), with information/documentation gathering;
  2. The relevant research and technical-legal opinion on the designed game;
  3. The filing and registration activities with the competent offices;
  4. The transmission of registration certificates.


The Canella Camaiora Law Firm is highly qualified in the management and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights.

Among the firm’s services, the board game protection service is one of the most requested and appreciated. In fact, the firm relies on the collaboration of highly skilled and experienced patent attorneys, also in the field of litigation.

The experience of the firm’s professionals makes it possible to obtain, quickly and at an affordable cost, a patent title consistent with the game designed and functional to its effective protection.

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