Protection and Enhancement of the Corporate Identity

Companies do have a soul. The general public perceives the companies' core values through their commercial activities. This is how consumers learn to recognise their brand name and trust their products.

We have extensive experience in both corporate communications and legal protection. This sector is one of our main core strengths. We believe that protecting trade marks, designs and business initiatives means above all protecting the identity of our Clients. In order to establish a successful legal defence strategy ( whether through a court action or a series of deposits/registrations) it is essential to interpret the intentions and/or actions of the company correctly. We can intervene at every stage, from the early and strategic stages to situations of crisis and commercial interference. The company (and its message) must always be protected from ‘unauthorised’ interference.

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The company also communicates through the look of its website, the interior design of its retail shops, the user interface (UI) of its apps, the design of its products. By choosing not to implement any registration/protection strategy, competitors may be legally able to develop similar communication strategies or even similar products. We devise defence strategies suited to the company's specific needs and always consistent with the peculiarities of the sector in which it operates.


We provide multidisciplinary (technical-legal-business) professional opinions on product issues. We analyse the market, identifying leading brands and designs, with reference to the commodity or product useful to the Client. We thus identify the risks and opportunities - as regards intellectual property - to properly direct the company's actions.


We provide assistance in identifying the company's key assets in terms of intellectual property (trade marks, designs, copyrights, know-how, secrets), in order to correctly define, defend and enhance them. This service is required in the event of the transfer of a business, in relation to the so-called patent box, for participation in tenders or merely for simple access to credit.


The business format (or model) is the paradigm that, when functional, enables a company to generate value. We protect the format by means of official registration tools (trade marks, models, softwares, etc.) along with the regulatory procedures designed to preserve it.


Any intellectual property title is a potential value generator, provided it is properly managed and made profitable. One of the most popular services we provide is the IP portfolio: we identify significant assets, list them, clarify deadlines and other important information. If the Client specifically requests it, we monitor their actual use (internal or external) and also manage the collection of any royalties due from licensees.


It is strictly forbidden to slavishly imitate competitors' brands, products and advertising. It is also forbidden to denigrate them, to take credit for them, to boycott them, to alienate their staff and to systematically copy each of their ideas. We provide expert legal advice in this specific sector.

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