Managerial and entrepreneurial support

Successful approaches – even those of others – can be replicated at the business level in order to achieve your goals. As well as being suitably prepared, every professional advisor should be able to suggest practical and effective solutions.

Even a single meeting at the firm could prove decisive. Every time the entrepreneur has the opportunity to talk about his work (and reflect on it) he also has the opportunity to see things in a new light. We make an effort to listen carefully in order to consistently provide new insights that serve the company’s efficiency and therefore its growth. We are committed to providing an interdisciplinary consultancy service: corporate, legal, tax. The entrepreneur cannot know everything, and with this in mind we add pieces of specialist expertise that can often prove to be decisive. We analyse all the available data to allow the entrepreneur to decide with a awareness, strengthening his work.

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Our services

Managerial support

Meetings (single or periodical) to answer recurring questions and improve the strategy or business management with the support of the firm’s experts.

Applying for financing and public tenders

Drafting and presenting subsidised or non-repayable finance applications.

Business incubation

Meetings (single or periodical) with innovative and more conventional startup founders, to support them develop their project, every step of the way.

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