Company incorporation

Every entrepreneur wants to set up the “perfect company”. In order to do so, you cannot afford to overlook its development dynamics.

From an initial definition of the criteria for allocating profits, to the assignment of corporate roles, to support with the life of a business … our task is to understand an entrepreneur’s real needs and/or the aims of the team, planning for every possible scenario. The legal formalities must reflect the practical operations of the company we are working for.

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Our services

Consultancy when launching a business

We offer advice on the best company model in line with the founders’ needs. We will handle every formality regarding the incorporation and launch: from submitting authorisation requests to the relevant authorities, to the management of relations with the chamber of commerce.

Drafting the company statute

A company statute needs to clearly define the most suitable rules which can facilitate the life of the business.

Corporate agreements

We provide consultancy services on the drafting of agreements that allow the company to have sound continuity in management or that will, in any event, make it possible to protect you from the potentially negative effects of disputes between shareholders.

Ongoing assistance

We offer consultancy services on the business’ day-to-day needs: from the simple drafting of administrative body minutes to a balanced analysis of complex scenarios.

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