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Registering software with the SIAE not only protects copyrights but also offers advantages in terms of tax planning.

The software registration service formally records the authorship of the software, providing a strong foundation in the event of legal disputes as well as proof of ownership in the case of licences, assignments or extraordinary transactions. In addition, registering software with SIAE facilitates access to the Patent Box under the bonus regime as well as registration in the special register for innovative start-ups or SMEs.


  • Entrepreneurs who aim to strengthen their competitive position in the market through efficient intellectual property management.
  • Developers and programmers who want to secure legal protection for their creations.
  • Companies in need of protecting their investments and taking advantage of tax opportunities such as the Patent Box or registration in the special register for start-ups or innovative SMEs.


  • Pre-registration consultancy: classification of software for registration with the SIAE according to current regulations and application practices.
  • Assistance in preparing the necessary documentation, including detailed statements and descriptions.
  • Form preparation: Full support in the filling in and submission of the application for registration with the SIAE.
  • Official filing: transmission to the competent office of the file, including physical copies and supporting documents.
  • Process monitoring: updating on the status of registration and assistance in the event of any disputes with the Office.
  • Certification and Protocol: obtaining the official certificate of registration with the SIAE.


The official SIAE registry act as legal proof of authorship and ownership of the software in case of disputes. Registration simplifies negotiations, commercial transactions and extraordinary operations.
Registration with SIAE facilitates access to tax benefits such as the Patent Box, offering tax deductions for R&D investments related to registered software, as well as registration in the special register of Start-ups or innovative SMEs.

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