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“Every lawyer should be as exceptional as the projects he has the honour of defending”

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Managing Partner of Canella Camaiora Law Firm, member of the Milan Bar Association, passionate about Branding, Communication and Design.

In short

Born in Padova on 16 October 1979, Arlo Canella earned a First Class Honours degree with distinction in Law from Milan’s Università “L. Bocconi”, (Class of 2002/03, “Repossession in industrial and intellectual property”, under the supervision of Prof. Federico Ghezzi).

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Even prior to graduating, he began collaborating with well-known law firms, such as the department of Intellectual Property/Information Technology at Pavia & Ansaldo in Milan. In 2004, he joined the Studio Legale Sutti at their offices in Via Montenapoleone as an Associate, working in their Industrial and Competition Law department. In 2005 and 2006, he carried out independent research alongside his colleague S. Cazzaniga – a Partner at the Studio Legale Sutti – publishing a number of papers, including: La gestione strategica e pratica delle controversie in materia di marchi e brevetti [The strategic and practical management of litigations concerning trademarks and patents] (available in the archives of the International Research Institute conference entitled, “Tutelarsi dalla contraffazione” [Protection from Unauthorised Copying], Milan, 29–30 November 2005); Dalla contraffazione dei marchi alla contraffazione dei prodotti [Unauthorised copying from trademarks to products] (available in the archives of the Cegos Italia conference, entitled Combattere la contraffazione [Defeating counterfeiting], Milan, 19 May 2015 and also in Diritto & Diritti, an online legal review run by F. Brugaletta); Come risolvere i problemi sulla marcatura di origine ed etichettatura in ipotesi di import export [How to resolve problems on origin marking and labelling in import–export cases] (in the archives of the International Research Institute conference entitled Marcatura di origine, indicazioni geografiche e marchi collettivi [Origin marking], geographical indications and collective trademarks], Milan, 24–25 May 2006).

Since 2005, when he was still very young for his field, he has combined his daily professional life with extensive public speaking and conference invitations, as an expert on intellectual/industrial property, such as: La protezione della forma [The protection of formality] as part of the Masters programme in Network Law – third edition – at the Università degli Studi di Padova, 2004; Il fenomeno del look-alike. La protezione dei modelli e la repressione dell’imitazione servile [The Look-Alike phenomenon. Model protection and the suppression of servile imitation] – Cegos Italia, Milan 2005; Introduzione panoramica agli istituti del diritto industriale [Panoramic overview of industrial law institutions] as part of the Preparatory Course for Patent Consultants – tenth edition– Convey, consorzio per il trasferimento di tecnologie, Milan 2005; Marcatura di origine ed etichettatura [Origin marking and labelling]– Istituto Internazionale di Ricerca, Milan 2006; Le sanzioni previste dal nuovo D.Lgs 190 del 05/04/2006 in materia di sicurezza alimentare [Penalties applicable as part of the new Legislative Decree 190 of 05/04/2006 on Food Safety] – International Research Institute, Milan 2006; Protecting creativity: design, progetti, autorialità, branding [Protecting creativity: design, projects, authorship, branding]– 3discover.it in collaboration with dwslab and AUTODESK Fuorisalone, Milan, April 2014; Training course in legal protection for Design, Project and Marketing operators –  Impact Hub,  Milan, July-December 2014.

As a critical consultant (e.g. “Il lato legale delle App: utiliy, produttività, infotainment” [The legal side of Apps: utility, productivity, infotainment]– Milan, April 2015; “Il labirinto legale della fotografia” [The legal labyrinth of photography] – Milan, May 2015; “Il primo marchio non si scorda mai” [First trademark is never forgotten] – Milan, June 2015; “Come difendere un’idea innovativa” [How to defend an innovative idea]– Milan, September 2015), he is often invited to participate in special events within the field of Intellectual Property and Information Technology:“Arthesis“, a special event at AUTODESK Italia per il Fuorisalone 2015 (His speech during the main afternoon conference (“Sia fatta la volontà del Designer” [The will of the Designer be done] Milan – April 2015) earned him a specific mention in the acknowledgments provided by the Parco 3d Association); “Everyday Art: Un viaggio nel tempo sulla protezione giuridica delle forme“[Everyday ART: A journey through time on the legal protection of forms], story-event on the iconic forms of Italian design at the historic Bracco factory in Via Folli 50 (in collaboration with the homonymous foundation and Mostrami Factory, Milan – 30th September 2015); “HP Roadshow: Costruire l’impresa digitale“[HP Roadshow: Building a digital company], an event promoted by Hewlett Packard in collaboration with IDC Italia (Milan, 27th October 2015); “Diritto per Web Designer” [Law for Web Designers] in collaboration with in inCOWORK (Milan, 28th January 2016); “Corso essenziale sul Diritto delle Immagini” [Essential course on Copyright] in collaboration with inCOWORK (Milan, 3rd March 2016); “INNOVATION RULES! (ovvero le Leggi del Design) #Parte I” [INNOVATION RULES!(in other words Design Law) Part I] in collaboration with Impact Hub (Milan, 16th March 2016); “L’Arte di Proteggere il Design @AUTODESK’s Methesis“ [The art of Protecting Design @AUTODESK’s Methesis], event sponsored by  Sisma, Lenovo and Autodesk for the Fuorisalone 2016 (Milan, 14th April 2016); “Brevetti e Proprietà intellettuale nel Design” [Patents and intellectual property in Design], intervention upon invitation during  La Crescita Professionale dei Giovani Designer – Ferrara 14th-15th-18th April 2016 (Università degli Studi di Ferrara, 18th April 2016); “La protezione dei marchi”[Protecting trademarks], invited speaker during B’Day: il Coworking, i Professionisti e le Startup [B’Day: Coworking, Professionals and Startups] at inCOWORK (Milan, 13th May 2016); “INNOVATION RULES! (ovvero le Leggi del Design) #Parte II” [INNOVATION RULES! (in others words Design Law) Part II], in collaboration with Impact Hub (Milan, 18th May 2016).

During the Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit, one of the global landmark events in the field of Food Innovation, along with other guests he was part of “Food Creation – proteggere gli autori del cibo” [Food Creation – protecting food authors] (Milan, 8th May 2017), a round-table discussion at the InnoVits stand.

Together with Licia Cianfriglia (Vice-President of ANP); Roberta Cocco (Councillor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services of the Municipality of Milan ) and Silvia Pagani (Secretary General of  Confindustria Lombardia) he was part of a round-table discussion entitled, “A conversation with policymakers on DiDIY” coordinated by  Luca Orlando (Il Sole 24 Ore): Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) is a research project financed by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 programme.

In 2016-2017 his ideas were collected in, Come difendere un’idea innovativa?™ [How to defend an innovative idea] and registered as a trademark at the Italian Patent and Trademark office. The ensuing course-event created by Canella & Camaiora became an ongoing, itinerant workshop. The event, originally presented at Impact Hub in Milan, was offered again in 2016 in collaboration with Valentina Panizza from Proofy, founder of the award-winning innovative startup (winner of #ELIScamp 2013, CreatiFi Call1, Bando Ricerca Innovazione 2015 and the Seal of Excellence of the European Commission) who created a digital dating and conservation system for human intellectual creations. The event Come difendere un’idea innovativa?™ (which aims to illustrate the rules of Intellectual property in just one hour and a half through Arlo Canella’s voice) achieves resounding public success at events in Turin (Talent Garden), Rome (Coaster), Trento (Impact Hub), Ancona (Federazione Marche BCC) and finally in Milano in collaboration with TIM Space. Today, Come difendere un’idea innovativa?™ is an event that raises awareness of the issues around intellectual property; the firm has decided to offer the event regularly, once a year, considering the widespread demand and considerable recognition it has received.

As soon as he was called to the Bar (member of the Milan Bar Association since 25 October 2007) he founded an independent law firm together with Daniele Camaiora and, since them, has worked mainly on consultancy, helping companies and professionals with a clear sensitivity to, and aptitude for, protecting and enhancing Intellectual and Industrial Property (protecting authorial copyright (“author’s rights”); distinctive features; trademarks; commercial names and merchandising; advertising; domain names and cybersquatting; unauthorised copying and passing-off; invention patents, know-how, industrial secrets; technological transfer and licencing; information technology and telecommunications law; software; databases; model and design protection, industrial design, interior design, architectural design; web design; fashion design).

Today, he is the Senior Partner and Managing Director of Canella & Camaiora.

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