Copyright Infringement

When you have talent, you will inevitably be copied; the important thing is for your work to be respected.

Copyright infringement takes various forms; in Italay, one of these is unauthorised copying (or “contraffazione” in Italian; literally counterfeiting), which is the act of imitating another person’s product. In these cases trademarks, models and patents are the primary institutions protected under Intellectual Property. We normally refer to plagiarism when the object that’s being copied is protected by authorial copyright (“authors’ rights”). Canella & Camaiora has considerable experience in the field of intellectual property and can help you better understand the logic behind this area of law, providing specialized legal counselling and assistance.

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Dedicated services

Letter of formal notice

If you feel that you are a victim of copyright infringement or plagiarism, you should know that our firm offers assistance to clients every day that aims to assess the ongoing interference, in order to evaluate the best strategy to adopt to eliminate the problem.

Legal advice on business interference

When it comes to commercial products, it is very complex to establish with certainty whether the line of unauthorised copying has been crossed or not, and copyright infringed. The firm specialises in designs, models, imitation, commercial parasitism and provides legal advice on these matters.

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