Protecting and nurturing your brand

Even companies can have souls. The general public understand their values through their business actions. That is how the consumer learns to recognise the brand and trust its products.

We are experts in both corporate communication and legal protection. This sector is one of strong points. For us, protecting brands, models and commercial initiatives means protecting the identity of our clients above all. To develop an efficient legal defence strategy (whether through legal action or a series of deposits/registrations) it is essential to interpret the intentions and/or actions of the company correctly. We are able to take action at every step, from the initial and strategic phase to crisis situations and cases of business interference. The company (and what it wants to communicate) must always be safeguarded from “unauthorised” invasions in the field.

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Our services

Trademark/design registration and protection of corporate creativity

A company communicates with everything from the look of its website, the interior design of its stores, the graphic interface of its Apps, and the design of its products. Choosing not to adopt any registration/protection strategy could make it easier for competitors to work on similar ground. We put together defence strategies in relation to a company’s needs, always working within the specific features of the sector in which it operates.

Product and/or market surveys

Multidisciplinary (technical-legal-business) opinions on product matters. We analyse the market, identifying the leading brands and models, with reference to the merchandise or products that are useful to the client. This way we intercept the risks and opportunities – in terms of intellectual property – in order to direct the company's activities accordingly.

Due diligence in intellectual property

We provide assistance in identifying the company's key resources in terms of intellectual property (trademarks, design, copyright, knowledge assets, trade secrets), in order to offer the best defence, enhancement and overall framework. This service is requested in the event of transfer of business – in relation to the so-called “patent boxes” – to participate in tenders or simply for reasons of access to credit.

Defending the business format

The business format (or model) is the paradigm that, when successful, allows the company to create value. We handle format protection through official filing tools (trademarks, models, software, etc.) in compliance with the regulatory procedures designed to preserve it.

Intellectual Property Portfolio

Each intellectual property asset is capable of generating value, provided that it is managed in an orderly manner and made available for income. One of our most requested services is the PI portfolio: we identify the relevant assets, list them, clarifying deadlines and other relevant information. If the client specifically requests it, we keep track of their actual use (internal or external) and also handle the collection of any royalties due from licensees.

Commercial parasitism

The imitation of a competitor's brands, products and advertising is forbidden, as it is also forbidden to denigrate him, take credit for his work, boycott him, negatively influence his employees, and/or systematically copy his every idea. We provide legal advice in this specific sector.

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