Privacy & GDPR

One of most concerning aspects of data protection legislation is its potential penalties. Although they are imposed in proportion to the seriousness of the offence and the annual turnover, they can sometimes reach twenty million euros.

The General Data Protection Regulation is the EU legislation to be referenced in matters of data protection and the privacy of personal information. In order to comply with the accountability principle, data controllers must be able to prove that they are aware of how personal data is stored and processed.
In short, it is not simply a matter of getting a client’s signature on a pre-printed form. In the event of an inspection, businesses must be able to account for the ways in which they process and store personal data.
In order to not incur penalties, we must first of all stop hiding our heads in the sand. Our job is to take action and protect you from possible risks.
The talent and expertise of the specialists who work with us on data protection issues allow us to solve the “privacy problem” for you, putting in place a strategy that’s in line with your needs and commensurate to the size of your business.

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Free estimates

Call us to discuss your problems with a data protection expert. Once the risks and the possible penalties have been identified, we will provide you with a quote for the cost of becoming GDPR-compliant that is clear and to your case and specific needs.

Information technology due diligence

The firm collaborates with IT consultants that specialise in data protection. We are able to perform a complete company check-up in order to prevent the risk of penalties and intervene only where required.

GDPR Compliance

Case by case, we analyse each client’s operations, making sure that data protection (and data processing) are integrated within business processes. We draft personalised forms that comply with regulations.

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

The internet is one of the places where a company is most exposed. We draw up all the forms useful for your specific sales and/or advertising activities.

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